Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Quick Tuesday Funny

So, tonight my daughter and I were having a little talk. My life is changing now that I'm a free woman, and there are things that I will start doing that she may not want to know about. Like dating. And stuff. So, the point of the conversation was that I will not lie to her (lying is a severely punishable offense in my home); so don't ask me questions to which you do not want to know the answer.

So she asks, "Have you ever had sex for money?"

I easily and truthfully answered, "No."

"...unless you count marriage."


Lord Runolfr said...

So naturally she starts immediately asking questions to which she very possibly doesn't want to know the answer. I think this particular question was one to which she was pretty sure she already knew the answer, but I'm privy to the next question...

Word Verification: purnin

N said...

Yes, I think she felt pretty safe asking the first question.

She does wish that she hadn't asked the next question; but at least now she realizes that if one of the possible answers is going to freak you out, DON'T ASK. :-)

AphroditeRising said...

Oh, God. I fantasize about having sex for money.

Only fantasy so far, though.